Why Black Will Never Grow Old


One color, fits any styles. Yes, black is definitely back.


Not only does black make you feel sexy, but it also makes you fierce like a lion.


So, if you’re the kind of person who loves wearing black, not the spiked hair, piercing kind but the kind who loves fashion but doesn’t care about the color of the season because there’s only one color for you – BLACK, you’ll definitely relate to this list!

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  1. Whether it’s formal or casual wear, you already know what to wear. (Black fits every social occasion)
  2. You come across as mysterious and enigmatic to some people and we all know mysterious is interesting.


3. You never have to waste time pairing and matching things because black perfectly matches with just about everything.                                                                             black-6

4. You have mastered the art of accessorizing different colors that absolutely gave you your own fashion statement.                                                                elite-daily-Bonnin-Studio-fashion-800x400

5. You definitely had a goth phase, at least once.   goth-gif

   6. People remember you with your fashion statement 

7. People think at some point you’re boring but frankly you don’t care of what they think


8. You feel confident and sexy when wearing black      


So don’t be shy to wear black and be confident! Tell us your story but sending us a message into the comment box or share this with you friends.


After all, black will never go old.


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