Foreign Minister Yasay Tells World Not to Interfere with War on Drugs


Foreign Minister Perfecto Yasay urged the United Nations and the rest of the world to not interfere with the country’s new president, Rodrigo Roa Duterte, crackdown on crime.

Yasay said that the efforts of the current administration is brought about by its determination to “free the Philippines from corrupt and other stagnating practices, including the manufacture, distribution and use of illicit drugs.”

The Foreign Minister also said that the current happenings within the country has garnered international attention and has become the subject of national headlines. However, these are all for the wrong reasons.

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He added that all people from different countries to give the Philippines the chance to deal with the problems and challenges that it is dealing with domestically. This, he said, is in order “to achieve our national goals without undue interference.”

Duterte become the 16th Philippine president after he won 16 million votes in the last May elections, due mainly to his promise to suppress illegal drugs and crime in 3-6 months and to crime.

Based on police records, there are about 3,000 individuals who have died. However, the number is a result of both police operations and “deaths under investigation.”

Residents involved with illegal drugs wait for fellow surrenderees before taking a pledge that they will not use or sell “Shabu” (Meth) again after surrendering to police and government officials in Makati, metro Manila, Philippines, August 18, 2016. REUTERS/Erik De Castro

It is the killings that have drawn international criticism. However, despite all these killings, the President is still enjoying a trust rating of 92 percent.

For Duterte, such rating means that he has to deliver the changed he has promised the Filipino people.

“To him, this trust is sacrosanct,” Yasay said. “It cannot be breached, under no circumstance must it be compromised,” he added.

Yasay also said that the core values enshrined in the Philippine constitution included the mandate “to pursue an independent foreign policy, to promote the national interest.”

This is amidst Duterte throwing insults and threats to international organizations and countries.

He also emphasized that Manila would remain “a responsible partner of the international community,” committed to the rule of law.